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While you may not have an idea of your project’s cost, it is maybe helpful to give you some numbers from the industry. You may hear or read a square foot would cost about 200 dollar to build. While this maybe true at time, we have build homes where the cost varied anywhere between $100 to a $1000 per foot. There is no ceiling on how much you can spend on a new home so it is important to have a budget in mind, a great and accurate design that will help meet that budget.  

Financing is probably one of the biggest hurdle in most construction projects and we highly recommend you have a conversation with our partners at before you move forward with your project.

Because we do our own developments and build our projects, we have learned a acquired knowledge about the market, the zoning and construction. Knowledge that we can pass to clients so it can improve your bottom line. More importantly that expertise will arm you with information that may save the day for you. We are basically you marketing, zoning and construction consultant all in one. 

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